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Chief Executive overview

Part 1: Protect and enhance the shared water resources and environmental assets of the Basin

1.1 Coordinate the implementation of The Living Murray
1.2 Improve management of, and compliance with, the Cap on water diversions
1.3 Coordinate the implementation of the Basin Salinity Management Strategy
1.4 Monitor and report on the health of the Basin’s water and natural resources to inform better decision making
1.5 Develop policy options to respond to demonstrated risks of significance to shared water resources, including integrated use of surface and groundwater
1.6 Coordinate the implementation of the Native Fish Strategy

Part 2: Deliver water efficiently and equitably for domestic consumption, sustainable economic use and environmental benefit

2.1 Deliver agreed water shares in the Murray River
2.2 Support development of open, barrier-free markets for interstate water
2.3 Sustain and improve physical asset base to contemporary best practice
2.4 Improve environmental and consumptive use outcomes through development of improved water management and delivery tools

Part 3: Delivery of high-quality advice to Council, and achievement of its endorsed priorities, through strengthened capacity of the Commission and the Commission Office

3.1 Employ contemporary best-practice financial and business management systems
3.2 Strengthen corporate, technical and policy capacity of the Commission and the Commission Office to deliver on its obligations to partners, staff and the general public
3.3 Better align the roles and skills of the Commission and jurisdictions
3.4 Develop and maintain necessary Commission communication, and technical and corporate information resources
3.5 Use Council priorities to drive communication, feedback and information delivery activities with stakeholders and communities
3.6 Ensure effective institutional and governance arrangements are in place

Part 4: Financial statements

Part 5: Appendixes

Appendix A: Membership of the Ministerial Council
Appendix B: Membership of the Community Advisory Committee
Appendix C: Membership of the Murray-Darling Basin Commission
Appendix D: Committees and working groups 2006–07
Appendix E: High-level meetings and participation 2006–07
Appendix F: MDBC publications 2006–07
Appendix G: Key performance indicators for delivery of Strategic Plan

Community Advisory Committee Annual Report 2006–07