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User guide

This online annual report for 2006–2007 is designed to closely reflect the printed copy while providing ease of use. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to deliver the interface of the site. The CSS provides the 'look and feel' and also helps to minimise download times for each page.

Printing pages

A style sheet (CSS) is included that handles printing the HTML version for most modern browsers. The print style sheet will omit unnecessary elements such as navigation aids and the two-column layout. If printing the HTML from your browser is inadequate, please visit the annual report Download PDF page, where you can download the annual report as it appears in the printed version.

Navigation tools

Tools for navigating around the report are provided at the top and bottom of the page, and in the left column. The report is divided into 5 main sections as per the printed version. Each section provides individual navigation links located at the top of the page to enable the user to quickly browse to each sub-section.

'PREVIOUS' and 'NEXT' buttons are located at the bottom of the page, which take the user through the report in a linear fashion. The Contents page provides a list of all published information in the report including the frontmatter.

The terms in the glossary of this report can be viewed without having to navigate to the Glossary page. In the example below, if you move your mouse cursor over the bolded text a pop-up text box appears containing the relevant reference.


[Try placing your mouse cursor over the word "dredging" below]

...impact on the Murray Mouth, with dredging of the Mouth continuing.


This year's online report is image-rich to closely reflect the printed version. However, note that it may not contain all of the images that appear in the printed version—providing all images could result in excessive download times being passed on to the user.

Where graphic elements contain labels, e.g. maps, an enlarged format is also provided. You will see the 'view icon' image [view enlargement] next to the words 'View enlargement'. You can click on the words 'View enlargement' to navigate to the enlarged image. On the page containing the enlarged image you will find a 'Back' button that will take you back to your previous location. View example in the Overview. If you find the labels difficult to read on the enlarged image, you should navigate to the PDF Download page and view the image in the appropriate PDF chapter.


This report uses XHTML 1.0 Transitional, a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard that enables users of all web browsers to access the information contained within the report.

The exact display may differ from browser to browser but all information is retained. The most current browser versions will provide the best user experience.


MDBC welcomes any feedback you may have that will help to keep improving the quality of the online publications. Please provide your comments via the MDBC feedback page or email the Web Liaison Officer if you have any queries or problems related to the annual report.

Accessing the PDF

In addition to HTML, a range of PDF files are provided for download. For further detail refer to the Download PDF page.