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Part 5: Appendixes

Appendix D: Committees and working groups with members from jurisdictional partners 2006–07

Corporate Services

Audit and Compliance Committee

Commission Strategy Committee

River Murray Water

River Murray Water Committee

Advisory Group on Hume to Yarrawonga Waterway Management
Asset Management Advisory Working Group
Hume–Dartmouth Technical Review Committee
Lake Victoria Advisory Committee
Salt Interception Technical Working Group
Water Liaison Working Group

Natural Resources Management

Natural Resources Management Committee

Basin Salinity Management Strategy Implementation Working Group
Environmental Watering Working Group
Independent Sustainable River Audit Group
Microinvertebrates Working Group
Native Fish Strategy Implementation Working Group
Natural Resource Management Communications Working Group
Northern Murray-Darling Basin Working Group
Research, Data and Reporting Implementation Working Group
Sustainable Rivers Audit Implementation Working Group
Water Audit Panel (formerly Water Audit Working Group)
Water Policy Coordination Working Group
Water Quality Technical Working Group

The Living Murray Committee

The Living Murray Community Reference Group
Water Recovery Working Group (formerly Project Assessment Working Group)