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Latest river reports

09 June 2023

Weekly River Murray report

Updates on operations, river flows, storage inflows, gauge levels, rainfall and salinity data.

Flow advice

23 May 2023

Decrease in Release from Dartmouth Reservoir for the purposes of Electricity Generation

AGL in conjunction with River Murray Operations announced today that releases from Dartmouth...

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The Murray–Darling Basin is the food bowl of Australia and home to many of Australia’s rivers, lakes and wetlands. Parts of the Murray–Darling Basin are prone to long periods of drought and there isn’t always enough water to go around. Water sustains the Basin’s agricultural industry, which contributes over $22 billion to the economy each year. But water isn’t just used by farmers. People everywhere need water for drinking, washing and many other things. Plants and animals in the Basin’s unique natural environments also rely on water to survive.

Making sure water remains safe and available to all those who need it involves many different tasks, including:

  • calculating how much water is available for human consumption, the environment and industry
  • monitoring and maintaining water quality to make sure water is safe for people, plants and animals
  • delivering water to places it needs to go so that human, plant and animal needs are met
  • developing, complying with and enforcing water trading rules
  • making sure that environmental water needs are met
  • planning so that water continues to be available in the future.

These aspects of water management are carried out by the Basin governments and Basin partners:

  • Murray–Darling Basin Authority
  • Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water
  • Commonwealth Environmental Water Office
  • New South Wales Government
  • Victorian Government
  • Queensland Government
  • South Australian Government
  • Australian Capital Territory Government

Allocations, the Basin states and the MDBA

Water allocations are managed by state governments. The MDBA acts as an independent body to calculate how much water New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria are entitled to use from the River Murray system.

Learn more about allocations, the Basin states and the MDBA.

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MDBA’s river operations

The MDBA is responsible for operating the River Murray system. This involves delivering water to entitlement holders along the river, as well as managing water resources in times of drought and floods.

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Infrastructure that the MDBA operates

As part of managing the River Murray system, the MDBA is responsible for directing operations and maintenance of the dams, weirs, locks and other structures that are needed to store and deliver water.

Learn more about the infrastructure in the River Murray system

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Regular reports, Murray data and storages

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