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Water trading rules within irrigation networks

The Basin Plan water trading rules require irrigation infrastructure operators (IIOs) who meet Rule 15 of the Water Charge (infrastructure) Rules 2010 to provide us with a copy of their trading rules. Rule 15 of the Water Charge (infrastructure) Rules 2010 applies to IIOs who provide infrastructure services for water access entitlements of at least 10 GL in total.

You have the right to request a copy of an IIO’s trading rules if they are not published below.

Buddah Lake Irrigators' Association

Buddah Lake Irrigators' Association water trading rules

Central Irrigation Trust

Central Irrigation Trust water delivery rights, Irrigation rights and Transformation rules policy

Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative Limited

Coleambally water trading rules

Goulburn–Murray Water

Goulburn–Murray Water delivery share trading rules

Goulburn–Murray Water transformation rules

Jemalong Irrigation Limited

Jemalong trading rules (see Trading Rules)

Lower Murray Water

Lower Murray Water delivery share trading rules (see Delivery share trading rules)

Marthaguy Irrigation Scheme

Marthaguy Irrigation Scheme trade delivery rules

Moira Private Irrigation District

Moira Private Irrigation District water trading rules

Murray Irrigation

Murray Irrigation transfer rules policy

Murray Irrigation exchange terms and conditions

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Limited transfer rules (see 20-21 Transfer Rules)

Narromine Irrigation Board of Management

Narromine Irrigation Board trading rules (see Trading rules)

Renmark Irrigation Trust

Renmark Irrigation Trust irrigation rights information

Renmark Irrigation Trust water delivery right information

Renmark Irrigation Trust transformation rules

Trangie Nevertire Irrigation Scheme and Trangie Nevertire Co-operative Ltd

Trangie Nevertire Delivery entitlement permanent transfer rules

West Corurgan Private Irrigation District

West Corurgan Water Delivery and Entitlement Policy

Western Murray Irrigation Limited

WMI Transfer Rules Policy

Updated: 14 Dec 2021